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How to request an Advisory Opinion

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Who can request an Advisory Opinion?

Any person may request an Advisory Opinion from the Commission concerning the application of campaign finance laws to a specific transaction or activity based on a real or hypothetical set of circumstances.
Must an Advisory Opinion request follow a certain format?
Yes. Advisory Opinion requests must be in writing and signed by the individual requesting the opinion.

Can anyone comment on an advisory opinion?

Any interested persons may comment on pending requests for an Advisory Opinion. Public comments are accepted via mail, hand delivery, email, and facsimile or by using the Online Comment Form available on our website. Comments submitted may be made available for public viewing after approval by the Campaign Finance Commission.

Is there a statutory deadline for issuing an Advisory Opinion?

Yes. The Commission must render an Advisory Opinion within 60 days of receiving the written request for the advisory opinion.

Who actually issues the advisory opinion?

The legal staff of the Campaign Finance Commission drafts the proposed Advisory Opinions, which are then presented to the Commissioners for their consideration. Once approved, the Commission itself issues the Advisory Opinion.

Once issued, are advisory opinions made available to the public?

Yes. The Commission must publish a summary of the opinion. Advisory opinions are available on the Campaign Finance Commission’s website.

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