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I am a……


Candidate or Candidate Committee [1]

Information for Candidates and Candidate Committees, including how to become a Candidate, filing schedules and responsibilities for Candidates and Candidate Committees under the Act, forms for Candidates and Candidate Committees.

Non-Candidate Committee [2]

Information for Political Action Committees, Independent Committees, Ballot Committees and Recall Committees, including definitions, filing requirements and schedules for Non Candidate Committees under the Act and forms for all Non Candidate Committees.

Lobbyist [3]

Information for Lobbyists and potential Lobbyists, including definitions of who must register as a Lobbyist, explanations of the different Lobbyist levels (State, Local, State Agency, and Vendor), Lobbyist registration fees, Lobbyist late fees, Lobbyist filing requirements and schedules under the Act, and forms for Lobbyists.

Public Official [4]

Information for Public Officials, including definitions of who constitutes a Public Official for the purposes of the Act, filing schedule and requirements for Public Officials under the Act and forms for Public Officials.

Qualifying Officer [5]

Information for Qualifying Officers, including definitions and duties of a Qualifying Officer, how to log into the Qualifying Officer Reporting System (QOERS) and forms for Qualifying Officers.

State Employee [6]

Information for State Employees, including which State Employees have filing responsibilities under the Act, filing schedule and requirements for State Employees under the Act, links to additional resources regarding State Employees and forms for State Employees.

Vendor [7]

Information for Vendors, including definitions of what constitutes a Vendor for the purposes of the Act and the Vendor Gift Disclosure laws, the distinction between Vendor Lobbyist Reports and Vendor Gift Disclosure Reports, filing schedules and requirements for filing Vendor Gift Disclosures, and forms for Vendors.

Other Resources



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