Pending Advisory Opinion Requests & Draft Responses

Public Comments are Welcome

Any interested persons may comment on pending requests for an Advisory Opinion. Public comments are accepted via mail, hand delivery, email, facsimile or by using the Online Comment Form. Comments submitted may be made available for public viewing after approval by the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission.

Choose ONE method below for commenting on Pending Advisory Opinion Requests:

1.Complete the Online Comment Form.

2.Mail or hand deliver comments to the following address:

Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Commission c/o Nancy Sandberg
200 Piedmont Avenue
West Tower Suite 1402
Atlanta, Georgia 30334

3.Fax comments to: 404-463-1988

200 Piedmont Avenue, SE Suite 1402 – West Tower Atlanta, GA 30334 -- Phone: 404-463-1980 -- Fax: 404-463-1988