Lobbyist Reporting

O.C.G.A. 21-5-73 requires that each registered lobbyist to file disclosure reports thru the agency’s e-filing system

Reports filed by lobbyists shall be verified and shall include:

A description of all lobbying expenditures described in subparagraphs (D), (F), and (G) or paragraph 4.1 of 21-5-70, or the value thereof made on behalf of or for the benefit of a public employee for the purpose of influencing a public officer by the lobbyist or employees of the lobbyist or by any person on whose behalf the lobbyist is registered if the lobbyist has actual knowledge of such lobbying expenditure.

The description of each reported lobbying expenditure shall include:

  • The name and title of the public officer or public employee or, if the lobbying expenditure is simultaneously incurred for an identifiable group of public officers or public employee the individual identification of whom would be impartial, (such as a committee or caucus), a general description of identifiable group;
  • The amount, date, and description of the lobbying expenditure and a summary of all spending classified by category. Such categories shall include meals, lodging, travel, and tickets;
  • Lobbyist reports should disclose expenses for travel and for food, beverage, and lodging afforded a public officer
  • In addition, lobbyists must disclose an aggregate of all lobbying expenditures described in subparagraph (D) of paragraph (4.1) of 21-5-70 incurred during the reporting period for food, beverages, and registration at group events to which all members of an agency, as defined in paragraph (1) of subsection (1) of 21-5-30.2 are invited
  • In any case where lobbying expenditures are reported pursuant to subparagraph (A) of paragraph (1) of 21-5-73 for an identifiable group not listed in subparagraph (D) of paragraph (1) of 21-5-70, the lobbyist shall certify on the disclosure report that no lobbying expenditure made behalf of or for the benefit of any individual public officer exceeded $75.00.
  • If applicable, the number of the bill, resolution, ordinance, or regulation pending before the governmental entity or state agency in support of or opposition to which the lobbying expenditure was made

For Vendor Lobbyists, the name of any vendor(s) for which the lobbyist undertook to influence the awarding of a contract(s) by any state agency: a description of the contract(s) in question and their monetary amount(s)

For State Agency lobbyists, the name of the individual or entity for which the lobbyist undertook to influence the rule or regulation of a state agency.

Lobbyist reports must be filed in addition to any Vendor Gift Disclosure reports required under O.C.G.A. 45-1-6, relating to gifts by state vendors to public employees, notwithstanding the fact that in some cases the same information may be required to be disclosed under both Code sections.

By electronically submitting his/her lobbyist disclosure report, a lobbyist affirms that that report is true, complete, and correct.

All lobbyists shall have a grace period of three business days in filing all disclosure reports.

Sample Lobbyist Report

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