Boards, Authorities and Commissions

What To File:

a. As of 2011, the Executive Director and members of each state Board, Commission, or Authority are no longer required to file a Personal Financial Disclosure Statement (PFDS) with the Commission.
b. INSTEAD, the Executive Director and members of each state Board, Commission, or Authority MUST FILE AFFIDAVIT stating that HE/SHE “took no official action in the previous calendar year that had a material effect on such board member’s private financial or business interests.” (Affidavit)

When To File

a. For existing members- Affidavit is due by 1/31 each year and covers the preceding year
b. New members must file Affidavit by 1/31 of first year in office

How To File:

a. Statements must be filed electronically. In order to file electronically, members must first complete the Financial Disclosure Statements PIN application form
i. This application must be printed out, completed and notarized;
ii. Submit the original to the Commission via mail or in person at 200 Piedmont Avenue; Suite 1402 – West Tower; Atlanta, GA 30334.
b. Once the PIN application has been submitted and processed, the Members will receive a filer ID and password via email that will allow them to log into the Commission Personal Financial Disclosure Statement System
c. Members must log into the system and complete the Affidavit online (To access the Affidavit, log in, then click on the drop-down box under Personal Financial Disclosures).
d. After completing the Affidavit, Members will receive an email confirmation that their reports have been submitted

When applicable: State Business Transaction Report

a. Section 45-10-26 of the Georgia Code requires all public officials and state employees to disclose all business transactions with the State of Georgia or any state agency where such transactions were made on behalf of the individual or the business of such public official or employee or on behalf of any business in which such public official or employee or any member of her family has a substantial interest.
b. For instructions on who must file and what must be reported, please see State Business Transactions
c. Failure to disclose such business transactions by the state employee or public official may lead to substantial fines, restitution of profits received or removal from office or employment.

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