Affidavit of Public Officer


NEW FOR 2011:
Executive Directors & Members of Boards, Commissions & Authorities file Affidavit of Public Officer (instead of Personal Financial Disclosure Statement)

Pursuant to changes in the Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act (formerly known as the Ethics in Government Act) effective in 2011, there are changes in the filing requirements applicable to Executive Directors and members of Boards, Commissions and Authorities.

Beginning in 2011, the Executive Director and members of state Boards, Commissions or Authorities will no longer be required to file the annual Personal Financial Disclosure Statement (PFDS) that was previously required for these individuals. **However, the Executive Director and members of state Boards, Commissions or Authorities will instead be required to electronically file an annual Affidavit confirming that such individuals have taken no official action which had a material effect on such public officer’s private financial or business interests in the previous calendar year. This affidavit must be filed on or before January 31 of each year.**

In order to file the Affidavit, Executive Directors and members of state boards, commissions or authorities must log into our e-filing system, using the same filer ID and password that they used in prior years to file PFDS. The affidavit is an abbreviated, less intrusive version of the prior filing that requires less information.

If an individual is new to a board, commission or authority, that person must complete a PIN Application for e-filing Personal Financial Disclosure Statement to obtain a filer id and password. After an individual obtains a filer ID and password, they can enter the Commission’s system to file their affidavit.

** Please note that the executive director and members of each state board, commission or authority are still deemed to be public officials for purposes of Code Section 45-10-26 and are subject to the disclosure requirements set forth in Code Section 45-10-26.



**The information in this announcement does NOT change the Financial Disclosure filing requirements for AGENCY HEADS**


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