Who is a Public Officer?

The Campaign Finance Act defines Public Officer as:

  • Every Constitutional officer; [Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary of State, Attorney General, State School Superintendent, Commissioner of Insurance, Commissioner of Agriculture, Commissioner of Labor]
  • Every elected state official; [Public Service Commission, Georgia Supreme Court and Court of Appeals]
  • Each member of the General Assembly; [members of the Georgia House of Representatives and Senate]
  • The executive head of every state department or agency, whether elected or appointed; [there is little statutory guidance as to the interpretation of this term; generally, the executive head of a state department/agency is a full time state employee who serves as the head of an agency/ department and wields the authority to make budgetary and policy decisions for the state department/ agency as well as to sign official documents]
  • The executive director of each state board, commission, authority, or council and the members thereof; [there is little statutory guidance as to the interpretation of these terms; generally, state boards, authorities, commissions, and councils are appointed bodies that meet periodically, a person can serve on more than one board/ authority/ commission/ council; this term includes licensing boards—should you require additional clarification, contact Commission legal staff]
  • Every elected county official and every elected member of a local board of education; [this includes elected judges]
  • Every elected municipal official [this includes elected judges]


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