[cfchead]Separate Accounting Requirements and COOSA Form[/cfchead]

A candidate may declare intent to keep separate accounting for each election in an election cycle by filing the COOSA Form. Upon filing the COOSA, a candidate may accept funds for a future election that is not the candidate’s next upcoming election (candidates may only receive funds for prior elections in order to retire debt). For example, if the candidate’s next upcoming election is the primary, by filing a COOSA form the candidate may accept contributions for both the primary and the general election. It is the Commission’s advice that contributions for each individual election be kept in separate depository accounts to ensure that separation of primary and general fund accounting is properly maintained.

Contributions remaining unexpended after the date of any election within the election cycle may be expended for any future election in the same election cycle without regard to the contribution limits under the Act. If the candidate is not on the ballot for a further election in the election cycle (ie. candidate does not win the primary or primary run-off) or if there are no further elections in the election cycle, the candidate may only use such contributions in accordance with the requirements for use of excess contributions under the Act (21-5-33). If contributions are accepted for an election which does not occur (ie. run-off that does not occur) or for an election for which the candidate doesn’t qualify, the remaining contributions shall be returned to the contributors pro rata.

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