Personal Financial Disclosure Changes 2011

  • Removes the filing of a PFD for the director and members of state boards, commissions and authorities
  • However, the PFD filing requirement is replaced with the filing of an annual affidavit swearing that the director or member did not take any official action from which he derived personal gain.
    To access the Public Officer Affidavit, go to the Personal Financial Disclosure Efiling section of the Commission website.

    • EXCEPT the State Transportation Board: executive director and members of State Transporation Board must file PFDS and Affidavit).
  • Adds cumulative late fees of $125, $250 (total of $375 due 15 days after report due date); $1,045 days after report is due (total of $1,375 due for failure to timely file PFD.
  • Campaigns are prohibited from using campaign funds to pay late fees.
  • Lowers threshold for disclosing annual payments from the State from $20,000 to $10,000; lowers theshold for reporting real property from $10,000 to $5,000.
  • Removes requirement that filers of a PFD disclose the name(s) of dependent children.
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