About Form RC (Registration of a Candidate Committee)

The Form RC must be filed with the Commission by every candidate who forms a campaign committee in order to accept contributions, make expenditures, or maintain the candidate’s records and reports. The Form RC must be filed with the Commission prior to accepting campaign contributions.

Who Files Form RC

used by a Candidate to register his/her campaign committee

When to file Form RC?

If a candidate forms a campaign committee, the candidate must register the committee with the State Ethics Commission prior to accepting any contributions through or in the name of the committee. No contributions may be accepted at any time there is a vacancy in either the position of chairman or treasurer. One person may serve as both chairperson and treasurer. The candidate may serve as the chairperson and treasurer. No candidate may have more than one committee.

Why file Form RC?

Candidates are not required to have a campaign committee. Having a campaign committee can assist a candidate in the campaign process.

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