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Form COOSA (Choosing Option of Separate Accounting)

When should Form COOSA be filed?

A candidate or candidate committee must file a COOSA before accepting contributions for any election other than the next upcoming election and only if contributions are to be accepted for more than one election at a time.

Who files Form COOSA?

Candidates or candidate committees who wish to accept contributions for more than one election at a time must file a COOSA form with the Campaign Finance Commission.

What else goes along with filing Form COOSA?

Once a candidate files Form COOSA, he/she must shall separately account for such campaign contributions.
If this option is chosen, the Commission advises a candidate to open a separate bank account.
A candidate is only required to file one COOSA form which is used for all subsequent elections to the same elective office, regardless of whether an election occurs in a new election cycle.

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