[cfchead]What is E-Filing?[/cfchead]
Electronic filing or “E-Filing” is the recommended method of filing any and all required reports with the Commission.  The E-filing system can be reached by clicking on the “E-Filing System” button located on the top menu bar of this website.

[cfchead]What reports can be filed in the E-filing system?[/cfchead]

Campaign Contribution Disclosure Reports, Personal Financial Disclosure Statements, Affidavit of a Public Officer, Lobbyist Reports, Vendor Gift Disclosure Reports and State Business Transactions can all be filed in the E-filing system.

[cfchead]Who uses the E-filing system?[/cfchead]

All people required to file reports with the Commission are strongly encouraged to use the E-filing system. By law, all state-wide candidates and public officers, state level candidates and public officers, lobbyists and vendors must file their reports online.

[cfchead]How to get started E-filing?[/cfchead]

[cfchead]What are the benefits of E-filing?[/cfchead]

  • Filing online is quicker and easier to do.
  • The system retains the information you filed previously so that you do not have to re-enter information. This is especially helpful when completing a personal financial disclosure report because the property and business information typically do not change from year to year.
  • The system sends you individual email reminders when a report is due and sends email notices if you have failed to file.
  • By filing online, you will receive immediate email confirmation that the form has been received.
  • The system ensures that you have properly completed each section to avoid submitting an incomplete report..
  • You don’t have to pay for certified or overnight mail
  • There is no risk that the application will get lost in the mail.
  • Details on the application can be changed right up until the closing date. Amendments can be filed at any time without paying for additional mailing costs.
  • The system has a series of security procedures which will prevent anyone seeing information they are not entitled to see.
  • Filings can be made at any time – 24 hours a day 7 days a week, during the filing period.

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