Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report Changes 2011

S.B. 17 and HB 232 (both effective 1/10/2011)

All state wide and state level candidates and public officers as well as non-candidate commitees are required to electronically file campaign contribution disclosure reports with the Commission. City, county and school district officials may file reports electronically or by certified or statutory overnight delivery, but the Commission strongly advises all public officers and candidates to file electronically. Those who do not file electronically will not receive e-mail reminders that the campaign disclosure reports are due.

Candidates and/or campaign committees must file a PIN application found in the forms section of the Commissions website in order to begin filing electronically if they have not already done so.

Graduated late fees of $125, $250 and $1,000 are imposed for failure to timely file CCDRs and candidates and public officers are prohibited from using campaigns funds to pay late fees.

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