Post employment restrictions for Lobbyists and Public Officers

A lobbyist is not eligible for executive appointment to any board, authority, commission, or bureau created and established by the laws of Georgia which regulates the activities of a business, firm, corporation, or agency that the lobbyist represented until one year after the expiration of the lobbyist’s registration for that business, firm, corporation, or agency.

In reference to post employment restrictions for public officers, the following are prohibited from registering as a lobbyist or engaging in lobbying activity as defined by the Campaign Finance Act for one year after terminating such employment or leaving such office: Every constitutional officer; Every elected state official; The executive head of every state department or agency, whether elected or appointed; Each member of the General Assembly and the executive director of each state board, commission, or authority. This lobbying prohibition does not apply to persons who terminate such employment or leave such office but who remain employed in state government.

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