Rules Chapter 4 – COMMITTEES


189-4-.01 Registration of a Committee

189-4-.01 Registration of a Committee
(1) Unless otherwise exempted by the Act, any person who makes contributions to, accepts contributions for, or makes expenditures on behalf of (1) candidates seeking to be elected to municipal, county, or state office in Georgia, or (2) for the purpose of seeking or opposing the recall of a public officer holding such elective office in Georgia, or (3) for the purpose of bringing about voter approval or rejection of a proposed constitutional amendment, a statewide referendum, or a proposed ballot question in any county or municipal election, and any independent committee, shall file a registration showing the name of the person or committee registering, and the names and addresses of the chairman and treasurer thereof with the State Ethics Commission before engaging in any of the activities described herein.
(2) All individuals or other persons making contributions and expenditures to or on behalf of candidates which do not exceed $25,000.00 in the aggregate in one calendar year are not required to register as described in subsection (a). For purposes of making the preceding determination of amount, contributions to political parties and political action committees shall also be counted toward the $25,000.00 aggregate annual amount.
(3) Any substantive changes to registration information of a committee must be updated with the Commission within 7 business days.
(4) All campaigns and committees must file a termination statement within ten days of the dissolution of a campaign or committee which shall, among other things, identify the person responsible for maintaining campaign records as required by the Act. The termination statement shall be submitted with a final Campaign Contribution Disclosure Report which identifies a zero balance and zero indebtedness.
(5) Registration for individuals or persons other than individuals required by law to register and report contributions and expenditures will expire at the end of each calendar year.

Authority O.C.G.A.. Secs. 21-5-6, 21-5-30 to 21-5-32, 21-5-34. History. Original Rule entitled “Registration of Campaign Committee by Persons Reporting under O.C.G.A. Sec. 21-5-31(a)” was f. May 31, 1989; eff. Jun. 20, 1989. Repealed: New Rule entitled “Registration of a Campaign Committee” adopted. F. Feb. 22, 2000; eff. Mar. 13, 2000. Repealed: New Rule, same title, adopted. F. Jul. 19, 2001; eff. Aug. 8, 2001. Repealed: New Rule entitled “Registration of a Committee” adopted F: Feb. 4, 2008; eff: Feb. 24, 2008. Amended: F: May 23, 2008; eff: June 12, 2008.

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